Ulpanet – A unique virtual school for teaching Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew, was established based upon three basic assumptions:
1.      Study becomes easier when it is interesting.
2.      Any study can be interesting when taught properly.
3.      Any fruitful and effective study program is dependent on its ability to  adjust to the student’s  learning skills and budget.



Proven to work. Guaranteed!

In light of this understanding, Ulpanet has created a Hebrew study program that is simple and fun, with maximum flexibility to suit the student’s individual needs and at a minimum cost.

Ulpanet’s virtual school allows anyone worldwide to learn Hebrew at their own pace and enjoy it! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of their own home and at the best possible rate.

Ulpanet’s teachers are very experienced and authorized by the Ministry of Education for teaching Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew,  thus offering a uniquely developed learning strategy for both beginners and advanced students.

Ulpanet’s website offers a virtual teacher, proofed and proven teaching methods combined with a dynamic and pleasurable learning experience which includes riddles, games and pronunciation exercises.

With Ulpanet, Hebrew study has become effortless, and Hebrew proficiency has come to you – with interactive virtual classes, at any time and any place convenient to you. The program also offers individual feedback, grades and close supervision, allowing fast improvement and great results.

The courses will draw you in using exciting stories, verses from the Bible, quizzes and pictures of Israel’s landscapes, and you will acquire excellent Hebrew skills without shouldering the burden of academic studies.  We, at Ulpanet, believe that you will start thinking in Hebrew, as soon as you start reading and writing with ease.

You could be on your way right now.

You could be making progress at this very moment.

Hebrew proficiency is only a click away.



How Does It Work?

We believe that the best way to learn is interactive and comprises involvement, interest, challenge and enjoyment.

Ulpanet’s innovative method, which was developed and tested in cooperation with the Ministry of Education – department for Adult Education, has proven itself to be extremely effective, user friendly and enjoyable.

Students who choose to study are not required to adapt themselves to the course, the course adjusts itself to suite the students. Virtual teachers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout the 12 month course, to take each student forward, step by step, at their own individual pace.  All one needs, in order to follow the course, is a computer – no Hebrew keyboard is required as the course provides a virtual one.

The course includes hundreds of interactive assignments, where we at Ulpanet:

Talk to you – for each word, sentence and dialogue studied, the correct Hebrew pronunciation is provided and emphasized.

Train you – you are required to repeat aloud, each new sentence you learn.

Play with you – We constantly challenge you with puzzles, memory games and personal quizzes.

Focus you – the various topics are marked and highlighted in color, in order to focus the student’s attention to the relevant words.

Provide you feedback – your personal and virtual teacher will guide and provide feedback throughout each step and phase of the course.



Full Control of Results

All Ulpanet courses are activated through LMS (Learning Management System), a unique study management program developed especially for Ulpanet. The smart system continuously assesses each student’s achievement, in each assignment, and constructs the tasks and study topics accordingly. Ulpanet is the only online Hebrew Study course which enables teachers to track their students’ achievements at all times.

The system provides the teacher an access code to data, including printable class and personal statistics.

At any stage of the course, both student and teacher, will be able to receive a full and detailed report of the student’s command of each of the topics.

Ulpanet’s vision is to teach Modern and Biblical Hebrew in the most convenient, easy and accessible manner – for anyone wishing to learn.