Learn Biblical Hebrew

with a new teaching method – designed to meet your needs!

Genesis Stories is a virtual online course in Biblical Hebrew.
We made learning Biblical Hebrew simple, exciting and easily available – at an affordable, low price and completely customized to your personal level.

The beauty of the Biblical Hebrew will enchant you with it’s exciting plots of the Stories in the book of Genesis, through virtual, and interactive lessons including quizzes and memory games, writing exercises, filling in the blanks, combined with the views and places of the Land of Israel in the background.

From now on, if you want to learn Biblical Hebrew, it will be effortless.
Two weeks after beginning the course, you can start reading, writing and understanding the ancient Hebrew language.
At the end of the three courses, you will be able to read any book in the Old Testament.

Your virtual teacher is available for you 24 hours a day, the whole year through, for the duration of the 12 month course. Students do not require any additional material, or even a Hebrew keyboard, just a computer screen and an Internet connection.

Genesis Stories are divided into three courses:

1. Genesis Stories I
2. Genesis Stories II
3. Genesis Stories III

Each course includes:

  • Every chapter is learned entirely, word by word
  • The student learns and enriches his/her vocabulary with more than 2,000 new words. (There are more than 200,000 words in the course templates).
  • The student is given a summary of the chapter being learned in his own language.
  • The chapter is played back to the student in two possible speeds: slow and fast, with each word being pronounced clearly.
  • The student can easily see the translation of each word in his mother tongue (right button mouse click) and listen to the way each word is pronounced (left button mouse click).

All courses are currently being offered at a rate of 199 USD (reduced from 249 USD) for the entire 12 month course, to study and practice.
Our interactive courses holds no risks; if you choose to cancel your subscription up to 21 days from purchase we’ll give you a full refund!