About us


has been developing and running online Hebrew courses since 2002.
Having recognized the global need for Hebrew studies, we have created unique programs which enable educational institutions and individuals to study Hebrew in an interactive manner, at their own pace and enjoy it! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of their own home and at the best possible rate.

Amongst our customers are numerous institutions, schools and worldwide communities.

Our team is comprised of Israel’s leading Hebrew “ulpan” (intensive Hebrew school) teachers, who worked alongside top developers in the area of language-education technology.

Our Academic Team:

Dr. Israela Nili, Doctor of Hebrew and ancient Semitic languages, lecturer at the Hebrew university. with 33 years of experience in teaching Hebrew at the Ulpanim, training and developing teaching materials. Senior advisor to the Israeli ministery of education.
Miriam Shahar – Pedagogical Manager
M.A in language teaching – pedagogical and responsible consultant.
30 years experience in managing ulpanim for Hebrew teaching on behalf of The Ministry of Education.
Leader of Hebrew teaching teams on behalf of The Ministry of Education.
Rich experience in developing study programs and preparation of materials for Hebrew studies.
Dr. Shira Daphne Tkoa - Lecturer
Content writer
Ms. Manal Zarkawi – M.A in Education
Hebrew teacher, organizational consultant
Content writer
Ms. Tal Ovadia Rubin - M.A
Developer of  training studies, expertise in Hebrew teaching
Content writer
Mr. Joseph Daphne - Senior teacher for Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew.
Graduate of Yeshivat Bnei Akiva, developer of  training studies.
Content writer