Modern Hebrew – Comprehensive Course

Order the complete Modern Hebrew course. Our comprehensive complete Modern Hebrew course includes the Beginners course (Level 1), Intermediate course (Level 2) and the advanced course (Level 3).

The course price is only $398 and can be purchased only at our Store.
Our interactive courses holds no risks; if you choose to cancel your subscription up to 21 days from purchase we’ll give you a full refund!

The Beginners course allows a basic, simple and gradual acquaintance with Hebrew alphabet and grammar.
Upon completion of level one and two, student’s will have a vocabulary of approximately 2000 words, which they will be able to read, write and pronounce accurately. Alongside the help of a virtual teacher who demonstrates correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants, to improve their accent and pronunciation.
The courses are offered with translation into English, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. The student will easily see the translation of each word in the language of choice (right button mouse click) and listen to the way each word is pronounced (left button mouse click).
In addition, students will learn useful sentences for every-day encounters such as: shopping, traveling, meetings, requests for information etc…
With these foundations students acquire not only language skills, but also the confidence required to speak the new language in a short time. Two weeks after beginning the course, the student will start to speak Hebrew correctly.
We recommend our students to begin with the basic course (level 1 or 2). They will have the possibility of switching into the intermediate course level of their choice within the first 48 hours without additional charge.

The intermediate course was designed for those who have basic skills in the Hebrew language and wish to improve their reading, writing and conversation skills.
Continuing on from the basic course (level 1), the intermediate course offers a greater and deeper understanding of the Hebrew grammar, exercises to improve writing skills and enrich the vocabulary. The course will enable students to hold casual conversations in Hebrew, ask questions, and respond.
Upon completion of the intermediate course, students will feel comfortable among Hebrew speakers and even be able to read a local newspaper.

It’s about time that you start thinking and dreaming in Hebrew. Our advanced course is offered to students who have completed the intermediate course, and to individuals who already have basic skills, but wish to turn Hebrew into their second, living and breathing language.
In the advanced course, students will learn how to express themselves fluently and naturally, in all areas of the daily life and will be able to have more natural conversation skills in Hebrew.
The course concentrates on pronunciation, vocabulary (over 2000 words) and the ability to communicate in a variety of topics. Students will be able to read books and to write at a high level.