Beginners Hebrew course

Ulpanet allows beginners, or those who have only recently been exposed to the Hebrew language, an easy and gradual acquaintance with the Hebrew alphabet and grammar.

Upon completion of the basic course, student’s will have a vocabulary of approximately 2000 words, which they will be able to read, write and pronounce accurately, with the help of a virtual teacher who demonstrates correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants, to improve their accent and pronunciation. The course is accessible 24/7.

The student can easily see the translation of each word in his mother tongue (right button mouse click) and listen to the way each word is pronounced (left button mouse click).

In addition, students will learn Hebrew useful sentences for every-day encounters such as: shopping, traveling, meetings, requests for information etc…

With these foundations students acquire not only language skills, but also the confidence required to speak the new language in a short time.

Two weeks after beginning the course, the student will start to speak Hebrew correctly.

We recommend our students to begin with the basic course. They will have the possibility of switching into the intermediate Hebrew course within the first 14 days without additional charge.

The course price is only $199 and can be purchased only at our Store.
Our customers satisfactory is very important to us. unsatisfied customers will get a full refund up to 21 days from purchase.

Beginners Course Syllabus