Genesis Stories III

The course is a continuing course to Genesis II

The student learns the biblical Hebrew by listening and repeating, following a variety of interactive games such as puzzles, memory games, writing tasks, filling in the blanks, etc…

The student can easily see the translation of each word in his mother tongue (right mouse button click) and listen to the way each word is pronounced (left mouse button click).

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Genesis Stories III chapters:

29. Laban

30. Jacob and Laban

31. Jacob and Laban’s alliance

32. Jacob and Esau

33. The Meeting

34. Dina

35. Isaac’s death

36. Esau

37. Joseph the Dreamer

38. Judah

39. Joseph and Potiphar’s wife

40. The dream solver

41. Pharaoh’s Dreams

42. Joseph and His Brothers

43. Benjamin and Joseph

44. The Tramp

45. Joseph introduces to his Brothers

46. Jacob comes to Egypt

47. Jacob and Joseph

48. Jacob’s Blessings

49. Jacob’s last will

50. The Death of Jacob